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Good news to start this week as your brain feels like it’s slowly crashing towards year end!

To those of us in midlife that are starting to worry about our cognitive decline, take a breath. The good news is that it’s not all bad news! We know that age and wisdom go hand in hand, but so do happiness and self esteem.

The Ageing Brain is Actually An Asset

In a recent study, research suggests that the type of creativity rooted in a lifetime of experience and tinkering peak in late middle age, which means we’re also better at our jobs!

New research conducted at Trinity College Dublin compared how the brains of healthy older and younger volunteers compared in a battery of cognitive tests. The results show that older people:

  • Find it easier to focus
  • Are less anxious
  • Have better control of their brains

The research suggests that as we age and our memory gets less reliable, our brains compensate by learning to focus better on the task at hand.

So whilst our brains at 25 are not the same as our brains at 50 – it’s not quite the disaster we imagine.

If you’re responsible for building teams and have all been skewing towards younger recruits, this might be the time to consider the benefit of combining those with more focus with the dreamers….

For those of you that are about to face the week – know that you’ve made it this far and there is no need to hold back. We’re ready to roar

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