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If you read my blog, you’ll know I find meditation really difficult. I’m much better at a session of breathwork to clear my mind.

But the last few months have been tough – staying focused, positive, staying confident on final outcomes with every new bump in the road. I’ve also found my personal insecurities heightened, falling into old, negative default behaviors far more easily than I have in years.

So, I’ve been dabbling with finding a mediation practice that can work for me, and doing quite a lot of reading – from Dr Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” – which was totally fascinating – to Deepak Chopra’s latest bestseller, “Total Meditation”.

I’m not even halfway through it, but “Total Meditation” is making so much sense. He delves into the wisdom of the body, and how body and mind are not two different, disconnected entities, but rather a single “bodymind” that works in harmony when we let it.

I would like to quote a passage from the book that, at this time in the world, made me stop and think:

Your body is filled with its own wisdom, putting in action the most fundamental principles of consciousness. We get visible proof of this beginning at the level of cells: Cells cooperate with one another for the greater good. Vastly different organs understand and accept how the other organs work. Healing is a response that calls upon the whole community of cells. Conflict has been banished in favor of peaceful coexistence. The outer world is constantly sensed and adapted to.New experiences are met with creative responses. – Deepak Chopra, Total Meditation

A total reset might be exactly what we need.

As we head towards Christmas, wouldn’t the world just become so much better if each of us could behave a little more like our wise, wise bodies in the world around us? Looking for harmony with our fellow man; accepting of diversity; finding creative solutions so that we could all live together in peace with our needs met? It feels a little far-fetched, but it’s what our bodies were designed to do, and carrying it into the world… sounds rather lovely.

As we prepare for 2021, let us all start paying more attention to our “bodymind” and the messages it is sending us. Let’s start “listening to our bodies” more closely – or maybe even for the first time – as we look towards the new year and take the time to align with our hopes and dreams for the future.

And whilst it’s important to find time to quiet your mind, it’s also essential that you keep your body moving. At, every workout, whether 5, 15 or 30 minutes, is an opportunity to listen to your body, produce some feel good chemicals to put us in a better mood, and maybe even to burn a few of the extra calories we’re consuming! There are also some great articles on the mind-body connection and why moving every day is so important.

Here’s to your amazing, extraordinary, wise “bodymind”!, Liz Grantham signature, functional movement, physical freedom