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It is expected that by 2040 obesity will have overtaken smoking as the leading preventable cause of cancer in women – a pattern that men will follow a few years later. Terrifying.

In a virtual conference “Cancer Prevention – Physical Activity” Prof Linda Bauld of Edinburgh University stated that whilst tobacco and smoking remained the main cause of cancer in the UK obesity was now the second highest risk, and in the future is likely to become the main cause.

Physical activity is a life saver

According to a recent Cancer Research UK study, more than 135 000 cases of cancer – about 4 out of 10 British cases – are preventable annually. All predominantly possible through lifestyle changes, with increased physical activity of any kind playing a key role.

More and more science is providing evidence that regular, gentle exercise plays a key role in preventing cancers. The results aren’t saying we have to be running marathons, working out for at least an hour a day, every day, or striving for unattainable goals.

No. The results prove that as little as 30 minutes of gentle exercise 3 times per week can have an impact.

There’s no entry requirement to exercise and movement

For each of us, how much exercise, how often, will be different. But what the research in this article are telling us is that no matter your current fitness level, even if you’re frail or recovering from illness – just start moving. The consequences of not including a regular movement programme in your daily routine are just too big to ignore.

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