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There is something magical about connecting with like-minded women, and that is exactly what happened on a podcast with Beth Whitman – Ultramarathon runner, adventurer, author of the Wanderlust and Lipstick blog, and host of the wonderful podcast, She’s Bold! We spoke a few weeks ago about the importance of independence as women in midlife, and specifically how movement plays a massive role in that.  

Beth is totally inspiring!  She has spent her adult life travelling into the great unknown, something which I believe is beyond brave! Her energy and vitality, determination and discipline in becoming an ultramarathon runner at 50 is extraordinary. (I think we would all agree that this is no small feat).

What is so inspiring is that she has taken her experience and worked to provide the opportunity of exploring the world to other women, motivating them to take their first steps into a bold, brave new experience.

Listen to our discussion here

Here’s to Wanderlust and Lipstick!

Liz Grantham