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Whilst finding a silver bullet to “looking good” has been a multi-billion dollar industry for decades, in recent times, our focus has turned more and more to finding solutions to aging well and improving our health, quality of life and longevity. Aging is a primary driver of chronic disease and with a large aging population and given the excessive costs of healthcare, understanding how to reduce our biological age is of interest to most of us.  So how can we control how we age?

Reverse aging by 3 years in 8 weeks!

Results from a first of its kind, peer-reviewed research study published in April 2021 provides scientific evidence that it is possible, using natural interventions, to reverse aging by 3 years in 8 weeks!

The study focused on DNA methylation patterns. This is a term used to describe the accumulation of damage and loss of function to our cells, tissues and organs. Dr Kara Fitzgerald ND IFMCP, the study’s lead author says, “[it’s] exciting… that food and lifestyle practices, including specific nutrients and food compounds known to selectively alter DNA methylation, are able to have such an impact on those DNA methylation patterns we know predict aging and age-related disease.”

Lifestyle changes to control how we age

As 2022 unfolds, there is so much exciting work being done to map out how we can improve our health and wellbeing. There is so much research to help us all live better for longer.

The fact that making small changes and adjustments to our lifestyle choices can reduce our biological age so significantly, so quickly, is incredible. Sleep, exercise, relaxation and our diet together with the correct use of supplemental probiotics and phytonutrients – magic!. It should really be all the incentive we need to start investigating and implementing some new, healthy habits!

Follow for more details continues to track and post all the latest “feel good” research and information from credible sources. It’s all about healthy aging, so you can make the best choices for your lifestyle and personal health profile. The Integrated Movement Routines (IMRs) are a definite exercise option to incorporate in your daily activity. So, if you’re looking for a proven, flexible, all-body option give them a go.

To your great health and making your next chapter your best chapter in 2022!